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Why is EIFS Stucco Inspection important?

Now that you’ve determine what material you have, why do you need to have it inspected? As a general rule of thumb, both EIFS and stucco should be inspected yearly by you, in order to check it for moisture that has formed.

Water damage can occur in both EIFS and stucco, where it can seep in through the joints around the window. Water damage is always serious, and even more so if it’s been going on for a while. It can lead to a buildup of mold and mildew, which is dangerous to anyone in the house, and even more so if there are any health issues associated with people living there.

In addition, you should have your home inspected anytime you’re entering into a real estate transaction. Underwriters actually require that an EIFS/stucco inspection be performed prior to approving any loans, so it would be necessary when purchasing a home as well.

To top everything else off, some states require a special license to inspect stucco or EIFS. Why not just take the headache out of it, and call the most trusted name in home inspections, Specialty Building Consultants.

*Specialty Building Consultants specializes in Home inspection, EIFS inspection, Stucco inspection and Asbestos testing in Birmingham AL, Huntsville AL, Decatur, AL, Cullman, AL, Athens, AL, Montgomery AL, Tuscaloosa, AL and Nashville TN.Home inspection

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