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Sample Stucco Home Digital Photo Report

Sample Stucco Home Digital Photo Report
Front Elevation Inspection Grid Photo
Improper Roof Kick Out Flashing Installation
  • Inspection Mirror

  • Digital Camera – 35mm & a Digital Camcorder when needed.

  • Masking Tape

  • Magic Marker

  • 17′ Extension Ladder with pipe insulation for wall protection

  • Binoculars

  • Awl that is long enough to go through 4″ foam

  • Silicon Caulk to patch holes

  • Digital Tramex Wet Wall Detector

  • Digital Delmhorst Intrusive wall meter

  • Dust mask for removing fiberglass insulation when needed

  • 4′ step ladder

  • Bore scope

  • 30x microscope

  • Extensive office library with up to date literature

  • Proper applicator tools for repairing holes in wall when needed

  • Compass & Barometer

  • Structural resistance tester (SRT)

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems
EIFS Manufacturers
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