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Stucco / EIFS Inspection & Repair - Stucco and EIFS Warranty - Qualified Stucco /
EIFS Inspector

If you require Stucco or EIFS inspection and repair from a qualified Stucco EIFS inspector, contact Specialty Building Consultants. We have 25+ years experience in the EIFS Industry.

*Ask About a 1 Year Moisture Intrusion EIFS Warranty

We cover Alabama and Tennessee areas such as Birmingham AL, Huntsville AL, Montgomery AL, Tuscaloosa, AL and Nashville TN.

Our Moisture Warranty Program is affordable and will help SELL your home.

*We offer a Free On-Site Estimate for a Moisture Warranty for your EIFS Home/Building. No other company in the South offers these services.

Exterior Design Institute

We are a third party, full service inspection company certified by the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) — THE SOURCE  for EIFS Maintenance, Inspection and Repair.
Learn more about our EIFS home inspection and repair process.

Find out why the EIFS industry is having major moisture intrusion problems.
EIFS Sample Report

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS)

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS), were developed in Europe after WWII in 1947. The impetus for the invention of EIF systems was the efficient use of energy in a building when the insulation is on the outside of the wall.

This foam based system came to the United States in the 1960′s to aid in the national energy crisis. The immediate success of this flexible, monolithic, artistic product became popular so rapidly that important installation details were quickly weeded out by sub-contractors.Thus you have a major moisture intrusion problem!

For more information on EIFS Facts and the EIFS Alliance.

System Components

During the past 15 years there has been a housing boom for which we may never see again. Part of this increased demand for housing has led architects and builders to find new ways of cladding the exterior of homes. One of the products used was Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS). EIFS is a foam based, non-load bearing exterior wall cladding designed to be attached to a wall sheathing with an adhesive or mechanical fastener. These system, used in residential and commercial construction, is categorized as non-drainable or barrier type system.

The system consists of Five components
  • An adhesive or mechanical fastener to attach the system to the building.

  • Panels of expanded polystyrene foam insulation (1″ min 4″ max depth).

  • A base coat that is troweled over the foam insulation panels.

  • A glass fiber reinforcing mesh that is laid over the polystyrene insulation panels then fully embedded in the base coat.

  • A finish coat that is troweled over the base coat and the reinforcing mesh.

EIFS Manufacturers
Sto Corp.


Our inspection includes a comprehensive digital photo report. View the Sample Stucco Home Moisture Inspection here


It may not be necessary to replace your window. Find out why below.


Cutting the system back from around the windows, installing closed cell backer rod, silicone sealant and a PVC pan flashing will help keep your system intact. This simple procedure will enable your windows to perform as manufactured and lessen the chance of interior wall cavity wood rot. We can perform multiple simple procedures, like the one above, that will keep your EIFS system looking good and functioning per manufacturer specifications for many years to come.

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