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Do I need to replace my drywall?

Drywall is one of those things that just about everyone takes for granted. You never really think about whether it needs replaced until something major happens to it, like a flood or a pipe bursting. Replacing drywall, however, is not necessary all the time. Sometimes you can fix the drywall, which will make your pocketbook even happier.

The biggest reason that drywall needs to be replaced or fixed is due to water damage. It could be something as simple as a leak in the roof that drips onto the drywall, or it could be as drastic as a pipe bursting in the walls. The question at hand is whether or not you should fix it. There are a couple questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on the answer to that question.

  • One of the most, if not THE MOST important question to determine is how old the damage is. This is absolutely vital to determine prior to starting any repairs on drywall. If the water leak occurs while you’re at home, and you notice it, you want to take care of it immediately. This, however, is best case scenario, and not always possible to do. If you notice that water has been gradually appearing on the ceiling, however, you should take caution, and figure out how long it has been leaking for. One of the best ways to determine this is to look in the attic, and keep an eye out for any signs of rust on the metal fixtures around the leaking areas. Rust only develops when water has been leaking for quite a while; it does not appear overnight. If it has been leaking for some time, then the risk of mold and mildew increases dramatically.

  • Another question to ask is if you were able to contain the leak. For instance, if your toilet overflows while you’re home and you’re able to immediately shut off the water, you lessen the chance of water seeping into the drywall. If the same thing were to happen while you’re on vacation, though, you’ll probably have to replace the drywall completely.

  • Lastly, you’ll want to determine how large the leak was. Was it just simple condensation that dripped onto the drywall? Or did you have a roof leak that dripped down to the ceiling? There have been numerous stories of complete ceiling falling when the drywall gives out due to water damage, and the last thing you’ll want to experience is attempting to surf what used to be your ceiling down a story.

All these will determine whether or not you should replace or fix your drywall. Drywall should always be replaced or fixed by a professional, and for that you should call the most trusted name in home repairs, Specialty Building Consultants.

Specialty Building Consultants

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