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Asbestos testing – your home or business may need it.

When inspected, the inspector will test for asbestos and attempt to find out where it’s coming from. Once that is located, they will look to see how damaged the asbestos-containing material is. If it ends up being more than slightly damaged, or if it could be disturbed, then you are left with two options: repair or replace.

There are two ways to repair, and both options leave the asbestos in place. The first option is encapsulation, or treating the affected material with a sealant that will either bind the asbestos fibers together, or will cover them so that no more can be released into the air. The second way is enclosure, where something is placed over or around the material that is releasing asbestos, which will not allow any further fibers out.

If the material is damaged extensively, or if making major changes to your home will disturb the asbestos containing material, then removal is about the only option that you’ll have. This is extremely complex, and should only be completed by a trained and accredited professional.

If you think that you may have an asbestos problem, and you want to have your home tested, you should contact the number one name in home or business asbestos testing, Specialty Building Consultants.

*Specialty Building Consultants specializes in Home inspection, EIFS inspection, Stucco inspection and Asbestos testing in Birmingham AL, Huntsville AL, Decatur, AL, Cullman, AL, Athens, AL, Montgomery AL, Tuscaloosa, AL and Nashville TN.

Specialty Building Consultants

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